Take 30: Managing The Risk From Data At Rest

What a fortnight it has been. We’re self-isolating, working from home, keeping 2m apart and all for very good reason.

Yet in an uncharted and uncertain world of dynamic and rapid change, the world before COVID-19 continues. There’s little change there.

At Boldon James we want to invite you to pause for 30 minutes, take a breath and join us for a regular series of short Webinars, taking a look at key themes we should not be forgetting about.

It’s no secret that one of the biggest security threats to organisations today are data breaches, and with regulations like GDPR and CCPA setting precedence, it is crucial that businesses treat all their data as sensitive until proven otherwise. With this in mind, organisations must start to look carefully at what data they are storing.

This exercise isn’t solely about securing your data, but also ensuring you are not storing unnecessary, or expired data. Data nowadays is stored in a number of locations; including on-premise and increasingly, the Cloud…

We have seen that most forward-thinking organisations have good procedures in place to manage data in motion and data at creation, but often overlook legacy data at rest.

So pause for a moment, grab yourself a coffee and your favourite chair and take 30 with us as we look at the issues associated with data at rest, and why it is so important to review and remediate at regular intervals. We’ll be talking about:

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Why data at rest is important
  • What steps you can be taking to ensure this data is protected
  • Managing data at rest in the right way to avoid costly data breaches
  • How often should you be reviewing your data at rest

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