Boldon James Announce Safer Collaboration with Latest Version of SharePoint Classifier

Employee round-table discussion
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Data Classification Solution Provides SharePoint Access & View Controls to Support DLP.

Paris, France, November 4th, 2013 – Boldon James, a leading provider of data classification and secure messaging solutions, today launched the latest version of its data classification solution for Microsoft’s collaboration and document management tool, called SharePoint Classifier, at the Information Security Forum (ISF) 24th Annual World Congress being held at the Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Centre in Paris.

Confirmed as Silver Sponsors of the World Congress and ISF members, Boldon James are exhibiting and speaking at the event. CEO Martin Sugden will discuss SharePoint security in a Breakfast session entitled ‘SharePoint: Information Security’s Weakest Link?’, as well as exploring how Data Classification can harness the value of Big Data in a stream session later in the day.

A survey conducted by Boldon James in 2012 highlighted the security challenges that some organisations face when using the popular collaboration tool, with almost a quarter of respondents reporting that they left their users to make their own decisions on the security requirements of data they accessed from SharePoint.

Sugden comments “With the continuing adoption of Microsoft SharePoint®, we believe that it’s key to strike a balance between the need to share information and the need to protect it. SharePoint is a superb tool to aid collaboration, but you can’t let your users have unfettered access without giving them some method of understanding the sensitivity of data, and what they can and can’t do with it”.

This latest version of SharePoint Classifier, v3.6, provides a number of new features, including a claims based alternative to access control lists which can become very complex when any level of granularity is required. Users can have clearances assigned to them which determine what they are able to view within the SharePoint environment, using the security trimming features provided by Classifier which deliver ‘label based access control’ for the SharePoint objects stored within the repository.

Sugden continues “SharePoint Classifier has always provided excellent support for SharePoint security policies, by giving users the ability to apply relevant labels to any file held in the document libraries of Microsoft SharePoint, but this latest release allows the value of information to drive who has access to it – it won’t let you see what you shouldn’t see”.