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Data Classification

Data classification is a key enabler to driving a streamlined and effective business.

Organisations need to embrace a holistic approach to classification – one that brings data categorisation and security labelling together to augment and improve the wider data security and governance environment.

At Boldon James we take a business-centric approach to data classification –offering a solution that addresses your compliance, data management and security objectives to unlock the power of data across your organisation.

Data classification is the cornerstone of powerful data protection and governance ecosystems, working together with leading-edge technologies, identifying and protecting critical data, improving data control and maximising the effectiveness of data to transform operational performance and reduce risk.

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Data Classification: A Business-Centric Approach

Keith Vallance, Head of Product at Boldon James discusses taking a business-centric approach to data classification, incorporating both data categorisation and security labelling. Watch now to see how you can promote business efficiency and help to close the security awareness gap among your user community

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