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Employees: Your Biggest Threat to Security

Reading Time: 3 minutes Most organisations still believe that hackers and external threats are the biggest risk to their business, but what if the threat comes from within? According to data security company Code 42, 78% of security professionals state that negligent and careless… Read More

The Security Showdown: The Human vs The Computer

Reading Time: 2 minutes Much of the talk at a recent Gartner event was about People-Focused Security. That is the shift away from seeing systems as a complete solution to security and trusting users to be part of the solution. Now this doesn’t… Read More

Wearing Your Security Seat Belt

Reading Time: 2 minutes Any business over 500 employees generally has an induction day. Which, let’s face it are usually pretty dull and jam packed full of do’s and don’ts of what you should and shouldn’t do. What’s worse, they tend to happen… Read More