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Data Classification: The Bank For Your Data

Reading Time: 3 minutes The implementation of data security software within an organisation is never without its trials – no matter what size the organisation, how much data they hold, or how watertight their security policy is. The thing is, that before you… Read More

Data Classification Explained in Five Questions

Reading Time: 2 minutes As part of the Computer Business Review (CBR) Tech Express series, our partners at HANDD Business Solutions have put their CTO, Danny Maher, in the hot seat to explain data classification in five questions or less. CBR: What is… Read More

How Should You Be Classifying Your Data?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Part three of their series on The Definitive Guide to Data Classification, Digital Guardian are discussing the different approaches to data classification, with guidelines on choosing the right method for your organisation. Starting at the most basic level, there are two ways… Read More

The Proof Is In The Planning

Reading Time: 4 minutes There is so much content now being generated about those four letters – GDPR – that it is very easy to see folks becoming swamped and confused about how to start and where to look. I have seen a few articles recently that… Read More

2017: GDPR Readiness Takes Priority

Reading Time: 3 minutes With 2017 well and truly in full swing, Forsythe have made some predictions for the year that they think are well worth preparing for. Alongside things like The Internet of Things (IoT), Ransomware, Cloud Security and Automated Security, top… Read More