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Data Classification as a Catalyst for Data Retention and Archiving

Reading Time: 2 minutes Businesses manage data retention in a multitude of ways for many different reasons, ranging from technical considerations to privacy and liability concerns. The regular considerations are, and will always be, top of mind to include regulatory requirements and compliance,… Read More

Data Classification: The Bank For Your Data

Reading Time: 3 minutes The implementation of data security software within an organisation is never without its trials – no matter what size the organisation, how much data they hold, or how watertight their security policy is. The thing is, that before you… Read More

Unifying Classification Across Enterprise and SAP Data

Reading Time: 3 minutes A partnership was announced yesterday at the RSA 2016 event between Boldon James and SECUDE, bringing the two solutions together to create a comprehensive enterprise-wide and SAP-specific data classification solution. The Importance of Your Data Plain and simple: A… Read More

The Top 10 Tips – Part One

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the last 12 months, analyst reports cited that data classification was a top IT security priority. Therefore, there can be no doubt that it has claimed its rightful place as an integral part of a layered security approach…. Read More

No ordinary secrets: The immense impact of a US Government classification mishap

Reading Time: 2 minutes FBI investigators are launching a new case to see if emails sent and received by Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton had the correct classification markings following revelations that an insider may have stripped the most serious “secret” markings from… Read More