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No Need To Compromise

Reading Time: 3 minutes I should have replaced my current car about a year ago, but life has a habit of getting in the way of such things so it didn’t happen. As a result I’ve only just started thinking about the checklist… Read More

Set Yourself Up To Win!

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the final instalment of their five part series on The Definitive Guide to Data Classification, Digital Guardian give guidance about how you can set yourself up to succeed and keep your sensitive data safe. Frameworks to Rule the World Frameworks sometimes get… Read More

The Role of AI in Data Classification

Reading Time: 2 minutes Recently I was discussing data classification and security with a senior security architect trying to figure out how Boldon James data classification products could help improve their security posture. During the conversation, the client asked if Boldon James data… Read More

Primary School Data Leaked in Singapore

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Last month, the personal data of more than 1,900 pupils from Henry Park Primary School was leaked, in the second high profile data leak to happen in Singapore in the last year. A Microsoft Excel document containing the… Read More

A Schooling in Data Classification

Reading Time: 2 minutes On the afternoon of December 4th an email was sent from Hellgate High School to 32 email addresses containing an attachment with information from a parent meeting the night before. While generic day to day information such as the… Read More