GDPR: Whose problem is it anyway?

Reading Time: 4 minutes With the GDPR deadline looming on May 25, 2018, every organization in the world that transmits data related to EU citizens is focused on achieving compliance. And for good reason. The ruling carries the most serious financial consequences of… Read More

GDPR: Dumb Ways to Fail – Part 3

Reading Time: 4 minutes The final installment of the three part series from guest blogger, Toby Stevens, describing how organisations can fail in their GDPR readiness, and how you can avoid the same failures. If you missed part one, or part two of… Read More

Confidential Security Files Found On USB In The Street

Reading Time: < 1 minute It has recently been reported that a member of the public found a USB stick on the street that contains about 174 files on Heathrow Airport’s security measures. These files contained information regarding: The route taken by the Queen when… Read More

Forget IKEA Meatballs, Sweden Has Got Itself A Whole New Scandal

Reading Time: 2 minutes What began as a scandal earlier in July, has now escalated into a full-blown political crisis for the Swedish government, as the extent of the confidential data leak has become known. The back story goes a little something like… Read More

Data at Risk: Did Yahoo Just Prove How Unsecure Our Sensitive Data Is?

Reading Time: 2 minutes The largest publicly disclosed cyber-attack in history was announced in September, and it’s causing serious waves across the data security industry. Internet giant Yahoo was responsible for leaking the personal details of up to 500 million users. It’s believed… Read More