Data Classification: The 5 Steps to Effectively Classify Your Data

Reading Time: 3 minutes A corporate data security policy that sets out how valuable information should be handled will be ineffective unless it’s consistently and accurately enforced. Organisations often have a written policy that’s available on their company intranet and handed to new… Read More

Updated Infographic: Preparing for the EU GDPR

Reading Time: < 1 minute The EU General Data Protection Regulation is now just over 12 months away, and with this in mind we have conducted a repeat of our recent survey about the concerns organisations have about the EU GDPR, whether there are measures being taken… Read More

The 5 Steps to Effective Data Classification: Measure and evolve

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you followed the first four steps in this series (Identify, Discover, Classify and Secure), you’ll have successfully secured the organisation’s valuable and confidential information by using data classification and downstream toolsets to enforce the security policy. It’s not… Read More

The 5 Steps to Effective Data Classification: Secure your data

Reading Time: 2 minutes Data that is classified according to its sensitivity instantly has a layer of protection surrounding it. The next task (having identified, discovered and classified your data) is to put in place the higher grade controls – in the form… Read More

The 5 Steps to Effective Data Classification: Discover before you defend

Reading Time: 2 minutes By classifying data according to its value or sensitivity, organisations can reduce the risk of security breaches by ensuring that appropriate protections are implemented and consistently enforced. Having identified your ‘crown jewels’, and other data that needs safeguarding, it’s… Read More