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Every day we collaborate with third party organisations. They are essential to our ability to operate but working with them means sharing with them and this can bring risks to our data security. Data leakage through over-sharing, failure to respect the sensitive nature of data, and not applying available security measures could all result in costly data loss.

With data classification information is labelled so that users within and outside of your company understand its value and treat it accordingly.

Collaboration and user-awareness
Collaboration and user-awareness

When working with third party organisations, Boldon James Exchange Classifier offers further peace of mind as it enables organisations to collaborate with external partners in confidence, by mapping security classification labels across organisations and applying safeguarding instructions appropriate to the business relationship for greater awareness of the value of data shared.

When collaborating with other organisations, Intellectual Property protection is often a concern. Information Rights Management (IRM) solutions such as Microsoft Rights Management (RMS) can be effective at protecting the rights of data creators but are dependent upon users remembering to use the technology and apply the right protection choices.

Boldon James Classifier simplifies the adoption of RMS by driving the application of these protective measures automatically from users’ classification choices, making application more consistent and reliable.

Protecting Intellectual Property
Confidence in Collaboration within SharePoint

As we share data we increasingly look to store large amounts of data in a single, central and accessible point. With a centralised document management system such as Microsoft SharePoint it can be difficult to ensure that only those with the appropriate permissions have access to more sensitive documents.

Boldon James SharePoint Classifier ensures users classify the documents they share. This enables users to easily review and understand the classification of documents within a library and enables document access to be automatically controlled according to the classification permissions of each user.

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