SharePoint Classifier – Increased Control Over SharePoint Use At Your Business

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration platform that an increasing number of businesses are using. It offers many benefits, including enhanced productivity levels; enabling employees to make better decisions; a consistent user experience; and the simplification of everyday business activities. If this is a platform that your business uses, you should seriously consider investing in a SharePoint classifier. Read on to find out more.

SharePoint data classification tools provide you with increased control and enhance security levels at your business without losing the efficiency that comes from this collaborative platform. A good SharePoint data classification tool will ensure that all documents are quickly classified once they have been uploaded, and thus you don’t have to worry about this having a negative impact on productivity levels. Documents will be classified based on their sensitivity levels, i.e. ranging from data that is available for public distribution, and thus not sensitive, to highly confidential data that would result in devastating consequences if made public knowledge. Of course, all companies are different, and so labels will differ slightly. Nevertheless, irrespective of the labels you use, you will reap the rewards of controlled sharing, as you will be able to ensure that individuals who have been granted permission can only access certain types of data, such as confidential data. This gives you the peace of mind that collaborative work and increased sharing is not exposing your business to risk. It also increases user awareness of data sensitivity, meaning they will be less likely to take risks when handling confidential documents.

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