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Download the Boldon James Data Classifications Solutions Brochure

If you don’t understand what data you have, how can you know how to protect it?

Data classification allows your users to assign a visual label to the data they create, so that informed decisions can be taken about how it is managed, protected and shared, both within and outside of your organisation.

Boldon James Classifier turns that visual label into metadata, which can be used to both enforce your company’s security policies and drive other technologies, such as data loss prevention, information rights management and archiving solutions.

The result is streamlined business processes with data security at the core, reducing risk and improving security culture.

This data classification brochure outlines:

  • CLASSIFIER360 – Blending user-driven and automated classification to meet your needs
  • Benefits That Data Classification Delivers to Your Business
  • BOLDON JAMES CLASSIFIER – The foundation of effective data protection
  • CLASSIFIER IN ACTION – Integrating classification into daily productivity tools

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