Best-Of-Breed Classification For Office 365

Office 365 simplifies management of Office and productivity applications, and allows users unrivalled flexibility to create, collaborate and manage documents by desktop, in the cloud, and on the move. Microsoft is working to unify the hugely popular desktop Office suite and tools with an ever-increasing range of online and alternate platform based versions.

As part of ongoing development work Microsoft have a programme of gradually transitioning all of their Office variants into their new web-based ‘Add-in’ framework, opening up new functionality and extensibility to the online versions. Office 365 brings all of these offerings under one online umbrella system, which can all be accessed from a subscription service. Even the traditional desktop-based Office application versions can now be downloaded by the user at their point of login to the Office 365 service.

This reduces the need for System Administrators to undertake time consuming installation and update schedules on all of their user’s independent work stations, and ensures that users always have the latest software version. As well as these familiar desktop versions, Microsoft’s Office 365 now offers a huge range of alternate platform versions from online and Mac, to cut down versions for Android and iOS.

Solution Highlights

  • Flexible Office Working In Any Location, With Classification
  • Seamless Classification Across Desktop And The Cloud
  • Protecting Documents On The Move
  • Visible Document Classification In Cloud Or Local Storage
  • The Most Comprehensive Office 365 Classification Solution

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