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Boldon James Uncovered - Using Microsoft Exchange As A Military Message Handling System

Alan Borland, SAFEmail Product Manager at Boldon James, discusses using Microsoft Exchange as a Military Message Handling System.


Partnering For Success: Driving Growth Through The Channel

Watch our Partner Testimonial video to discover what it’s like working with Boldon James and how we stand out against other solution providers.


Business-Centric Data Classification

At Boldon James we take a business-centric approach to data classification – one that brings data categorisation and security labelling together to augment and improve the wider data security and governance environment. 


Boldon James Uncovered - Driving Data Security To Achieve Operational Excellence

Martin Sugden, CEO at Boldon James, discusses how driving data security can help your oganisation achieve operational excellence.


Boldon James Uncovered - Data Classification: Does Automation Have A Place?

Kevin Carpenter, Regional Sales Director at Boldon James discusses the hot topic of automation and whether it truly has a place in the world of data classification, both now and in the future.