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Classification By Design:
The Foundation Of Effective Data Protection Compliance

In today’s highly regulated environment, achieving compliance across numerous data privacy laws and regulations is a growing challenge for businesses worldwide. In this paper, we identify the key steps to help organisations sensibly adopt a better data protection posture and with it, build a firm foundation towards compliance.

This paper includes:

  • How data breaches are driving regulatory change
  • Data protection and the COVID-19 pandemic
  • An escalating external threat environment
  • How insider breaches are catching organisations out
  • The approach organisations should be taking to achieve robust compliance and mitigate data breaches
  • Classification by Design
  • How privacy will reign as the top compliance regime


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Executive Summary

Compliance Whitepaper Front Cover

In this paper we look in detail as to why achieving compliance across a wealth of new international data privacy laws and regulations is such a growing challenge. As more and more legislation impacts businesses worldwide and organisations struggle to keep pace, we cite leading research undertaken by analyst firm Forrester. In their research, Forrester demonstrate that for the global security decision makers surveyed, a significant proportion have not yet invested in data discovery and classification (45%) and in other data security controls (44%) in their efforts to help fulfil their compliance obligations. We discuss why.

 Are they apathetic? Do organisations deem that compliance is unimportant or is it too big a problem? Are they too busy and not prioritising compliance, or do they simply not know where to start?

The reality is that all of these factors are in play to varying degrees. One thing that is certain is the growing complexity within the compliance landscape will increasingly impact organisations not just in terms of regulatory fines and financial costs, but also in reputational damage should they be (or when they are) breached.

 We examine the evolving external and internal risk landscape, particularly in light of COVID-19. We home in on the fact that Forrester identifies that nearly half of breaches happen as a result of human error, which is why it is more important than ever for organisations to take compliance seriously.

 Finally, the paper will lay out key steps to help organisations sensibly adopt a better data protection posture and with it, build a firm foundation towards onward compliance. The key principles of Classification by Design will be introduced as a logical, yet robust start point. We summarise with the overarching takeaway that organisations should not view compliance as an expense, but as a positive competitive differentiator and one that, over the long term, will prove to deliver efficiencies back to the business.

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