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Payment Card Industry(PCI)

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is a worldwide standard designed to protect payment card data. Created to help organisations that process card payments to prevent payment card fraud, it imposes strict data controls on all organisations that store, process or transmit payment card data from card brands.

The standard requires organisations to meet stringent requirements for the handling and safe keeping of data.

Organisations handling card data are obliged to protect the cardholder data. They are required to build and maintain a secure network that is regularly monitored and tested. These networks should have strong access controls and must comply with a maintained information security policy held by the organisation.

All card processing organisations are also obliged to maintain a vulnerability management programme. For organisations that fail to comply with these requirements, the penalties can involve:

  • Insurance claims
  • Cancelled accounts/replacement cards
  • Payment card issuer fines
  • License to process transactions could be revoked

Credit and debit card brands are getting stricter on PCI compliance with individual card providers choosing to increase fines they charge for data breaches. The ultimate risk resulting from a breach, for companies with a relationship with one or more of the card brands, is the loss of their ability to process credit card payments. Companies subject to a data breach may also be audited and could potentially be fined up to £100,000.

For more information on PCI Compliance down the whitepaper:
Data Classification – Delivering Security and Business Value

Boldon James’ internationally-recognised classification software can support organisations in protecting personal data by reducing the risk of a data breach through the use of Classifier360 classification. For example, a screen shot sent to another department may contain an individual’s address and credit card number and wouldn’t be picked up by most DLP solutions. However the user could mark the email as PCI-related to ensure that the information is handled confidentially in line with PCI requirements.

Boldon James Data Classification products support compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards by:

  • Clearly identifying PCI-related information to assist or help enforce DLP
  • Assisting with Enterprise search should an audit be required
  • Identifying and triggering encryption, where required

White Paper:
What is Data Classification?


Protecting Data Throughout its Lifecycle

Our best-of-breed Data Classification solutions enable organisations to effectively manage data, streamline operations and proactively respond to regulatory change.


Office Classifier
Incorporates data classification into the primary productivity tools of Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint – and also Visio and Project

CAD Classifier
Brings the benefits of data classification to key design documents across a variety of CAD applications, including AutoCAD and Draftsight

Mac Classifier
Brings the benefits of user-centric data classification to organisations using Mac devices


File Classifier
Provides users with the means to classify any file held in Windows File Store

SharePoint Classifier
Classify data stored within Microsoft SharePoint using the familiar and intuitive Classifier interface

Box Classifier
Extends document classification into Box Cloud-based storage ensuring seamless document control regardless of its location


Classifier Administration
Provides everything System Administrators need to manage your scheme with simplicity.

Classifier Reporting
Monitor and report on classification events and the handling of classified data


Email Classifier
Adds message classification capabilities to Microsoft Outlook

Notes Classifier
Adds message classification capabilities to Lotus Notes

OWA Classifier
Brings classification to the Microsoft Outlook Web App, providing a consistent, intuitive experience to users

Mobile Classifier
Extends classification to portable devices such as smartphones and tablets providing consistent classification, including iOS, Android and Windows

Mobile Filter
Works with Boldon James Classifier and SAFEmail solutions to stop the synchronisation of your most sensitive emails from Microsoft Exchange mailboxes

Exchange Classifier
Enhances endpoint classification solutions by applying policy to every message sent and received within your organisation, internal or external, inbound or outbound

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