How does SharePoint Classifier work?

Classify data stored within Microsoft SharePoint using the familiar and intuitive interface provided by all Classifier products – regardless of whether your documents are held on-premises or in the Office 365 cloud, using SharePoint Online. Even large volumes of documents can be classified quickly and efficiently as they are uploaded to SharePoint.

Once documents are classified, their location and access can be controlled based upon their sensitivity. This means you can get more out of using SharePoint with the peace of mind that only controlled sharing can bring.

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  • Save time by classifying all of your documents in SharePoint

    SharePoint Classifier can label any type of file stored within SharePoint in accordance with your data protection policy so that your users don’t have to waste valuable time classifying each type of file before uploading it.

  • Simplify control over data sharing

    By ensuring document libraries contain only documents with suitable classifications you can more easily control the sharing of information according to its sensitivity and value to the business.

  • Make your users more data aware

    With classifications clearly identified when viewing and organising the content of a SharePoint document library, users become more aware of the value of data and its protection requirements.

  • Easy set up for all your Classifier products

    The full Boldon James suite of products is driven by Classifier Administration which enables your classification scheme and policy to be set up centrally and then rolled out among the Classifier products that you choose to use, ensuring that you apply policy consistently.

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  • Visual references allow sorting, filtering and selection based upon classification labels
  • Control access to classified documents by assigning label permissions to users
  • Quick and intuitive labelling interface within Microsoft SharePoint
  • Application of metadata tags on upload of unlabelled documents
  • Automatic metadata translation from non-Classifier labelling schemes
  • Bulk classification for mass document upload
  • Automatic recognition of existing classification labels on upload
  • Easy administration and configuration through Classifier Administration
  • Full audit trail of classification activity


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Boldon James SharePoint Classifier

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