How does SAFEmail® X.400 Bridgehead work?

Microsoft Exchange Server is arguably one of the most commonly-used email systems around the world. However, Microsoft dropped support for their X.400 MTA in 2003. With the SAFEmail® X.400 Bridgehead, we have re-introduced X.400 to the Microsoft Exchange Server, providing support for the commercial P772/P22 message content, and in conjunction with the SAFEmail® Client, provide support for STANAG 4406 messaging within the Microsoft Exchange environment.

The SAFEmail military messaging client provides the support for composition and display of received military messages using the SAFEmail X.400 Bridgehead to provide the X.400 content encoding and decoding. The recent introduction of the RFC6477 standard for SMTP now allows a single military messaging client to communicate over X.400 and SMTP, adhering to the international standards, all within the Microsoft Exchange environment.

Any Military Messages secured using digital signatures and/or encrypted have their content created by the SAFEmail client, providing full support for end-to-end security. The X.400 Bridgehead processes these messages without altering the content, maintaining the end-to-end security.

X.400 Delivery Report and Read Receipt Notifications are full supported by the X.400 Bridgehead, which is essential in the Military environment to provide support for message tracking and monitoring.


  • Use the latest Microsoft technology whilst benefitting from full STANAG 4406 messaging capability

    With the X.400 Bridgehead you can run a STANAG 4406 compliant MMHS across an Exchange domain.

  • Cost effective way to comply with standards

    We work hard to keep our licence charges and support costs competitive so that you can still benefit from commercial off-the-shelf solutions whilst maintaining STANAG 4406 functionality.

  • Easy to use

    The X.400 Bridgehead has a simple and easy to use interface compared to conventional X.400 products so that use and implementation are quick, easy and cost effective.


  • Supports the following content types both outbound and inbound: P22 (including envelope security label) P772 (including envelope security label)
  • Supported on Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and above
  • Signed and Encrypted Content according to STANAG 4406


X400 Bridgehead Datasheet

X400 Bridgehead Server

Extending Microsoft Exchange to support X.400 for end-to-end STANAG 4406 messaging


X400 Bridgehead Server

Extending Microsoft Exchange to support X.400 for end-to-end STANAG 4406 messaging

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