How does SAFEmail® Medium Grade Messaging work?

For Defence and Intelligence organisations that need more than standard Microsoft Outlook message functionality but still want to make use of a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) product, SAFEmail® offers a way for users to classify your messages and protect them across a variety of messaging environments. SAFEmail® enables you to organise and control a wide range of data from unclassified to highly-classified quickly and easily, and allows you to add elements of service such as checking the recipient’s clearance level before sending.


  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office

    Users can easily and intuitively classify documents within Microsoft Office making classification a simple process that quickly becomes second natures.

  • Unparalleled flexibility whatever your security grade

    SAFEmail® modules enable you to build the data protection system you need across a range of low to high security classification desktop PCs.

  • A familiar interface for user training and transition

    Familiar user interface means users can easily use SAFEmail® within Outlook and Microsoft Exchange quickly and consistently with minimal training.

  • Cost effective compliance with the benefits of a COTS solution

    SAFEmail® gives you complete confidence that your email systems are fully compliant with STANAG 4406 and other standards, whilst ensuring your investment in technology is cost effective.

  • Enhanced security with controlled document access

    Ensure that only those with the relevant clearance levels are able to access appropriate emails.

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  • Fully supports the latest Microsoft platforms (Office & Exchange Server)
  • Consistent, user-friendly interface
  • Cross-checks the validity of the message security label, attachment types and message size prior to message submission
  • Implements (S/MIME) signature and encryption features to provide integrity, confidentiality and non-repudiation of message traffic
  • Establishes whether the intended recipients have sufficient security clearance to receive messages prior to submission based on security label

Modules available


SAFEmail® is available in modules for the ultimate in flexibility and cost-effective solutions to customise your COTS package. Modules available include:


  • SAFEmail® Labeller – Increase awareness and force users to apply data protection by using SAFEmail® Labeller to enhance your Microsoft Office Outlook client for protective marking and security labelling of your emails. 

  • SAFEmail® Custom Fields – Apply custom metadata to your Outlook emails to make sorting and protecting your inbound and outbound messages and the data contained within easier.
  • SAFEmail® Capability Checker – Capability checking for Microsoft’s Office Outlook client.
  • SAFEmail® Security – Increase the security of your emails with signing and encryption capabilities for STANAG 4406 S/MIME formats.
  • SAFEmail® Capability Checker for Exchange – Server side messages checks for messages in transit. Be confident your email recipients are cleared for the content in your emails with recipient security clearance checking for Microsoft Exchange.
  • SAFEmail® Document Management – Interface with EDRMS to provide central repositories for critical data and improved productivity.

  • SAFEmail® Notifier – Stay in control of emails across multiple mailboxes with SAFEmail® Notifier.


SAFEmail Client and Server Datasheet

SAFEMail Client & Server

A Secure Messaging Solution for Defence and Intelligence Environments Using Microsoft Outlook and Exchange


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SAFEmail®- a Leading Secure Messaging Solution


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A Data Classification Whitepaper


SAFEMail Client & Server

A Secure Messaging Solution for Defence and Intelligence Environments Using Microsoft Outlook and Exchange

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