How does Power Classifier for Files work?

As organisational data grows exponentially, the task of applying security policies retrospectively to your data in a consistent way becomes more challenging. Historically, classifying existing data has been both time consuming and costly, but with Power Classifier for Files you can classify all of your existing data held in Windows File Store in line with your data classification and security policies quickly, consistently and easily.

Power Classifier for Files makes light work of classifying large sets of existing information as well as automating routines to dynamically classify data at the point of creation; for example, classifying system generated reports. Power Classifier for Files gives you the confidence that all your data, both historic and new, is protected according to its value.


  • Automate the classification of your critical data

    Through integration with data discovery and governance tools, such as DLP Discovery, Power Classifier for Files automates the process of identifying and classifying your most sensitive data, wherever it resides.

  • Classifications you can trust every time

    Incorporating classification into your data capture and creation processes ensures data is correctly classified at the point it is first generated, avoiding any window of exposure.

  • Consistent protection for your data

    Applying classifications to all your data means you can be confident that your valuable data can be protected consistently with multi-layered data security, using your existing data management and security solutions.


  • Easy integration into your existing information management processes
  • Saves you time in classifying legacy documents and files
  • Automates routine classification tasks
  • Classifies any file within Windows File Store
  • Drive classification using DLP Discovery and Data Governance tools
  • Easy configuration using Classifier Administration
  • Metadata labels recognisable by other Classifier applications and 3rd party solutions
  • Monitor and analyse user behaviour via a comprehensive audit trail with Classifier Reporting or other event reporting tools


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