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How does OWA Classifier work?

As communication by email grows, more data loss is caused by user error than anything else. Using OWA Classifier all emails sent by Microsoft Outlook Web App can be classified and controlled in accordance with your data security policy. For example to ensure that users are warned when they try to send emails to recipients without the relevant permissions.

If you are using OWA 2013/16 or Office 365, please visit our Classifier Mail Add-In for OWA page.


  • Distribute your data on a ‘need to know’ basis.

    As well as controlling who outside your organisation can receive sensitive data, you can also control the internal distribution of data – enforcing ‘need to know’ boundaries and preventing conflicts of interest.

  • Improve ROI on your data management and protection solutions

    See a higher return on your investment in DLP, encryption, and archiving and retrieval solutions. You can ensure that these automated tools apply their controls more consistently and efficiently by using rules based upon classification levels.

  • Make users more security-aware

    Visual marking of messages mean that users are continually reminded of the importance of the information they’re sharing, making them more likely to value and protect it.

  • Benefit from a truly mobile workforce

    You can benefit from a truly mobile workforce by providing the same classification support to your web-based email users as your desktop users enjoy. Classifying and controlling messages in line with your data protection policies, you can be confident that your data is safe without limiting your workforce’s effectiveness.

  • Automatically encrypt critical data

    Rather than leaving users to remember what data to encrypt and digitally sign you can automatically apply S/MIME protection according to the message classification, ensuring protection that is always appropriate to the sensitivity of the data.

  • Unified data protection approach to emails and documents

    OWA Classifier automatically recognises the classification on documents and can check to ensure that the classification level of an email reflects the classification levels of attached documents for added security.

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  • Increased confidence in compliance with information assurance policies
  • Control the internal and external distribution of classified data
  • Simple interface options for easy classification selection
  • Enforce classification rules to suit your business and security needs
  • Increase user-awareness with configurable visual markings
  • Metadata labelling to drive consistent actions by other data protection technologies
  • Automate the encryption and digital signing of your most sensitive data
  • Ensure classification consistency between attachment and email labels
  • Easy policy configuration with Classifier Administration
  • Supports both Light and Premium versions of Microsoft Outlook Web App


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