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How does Office Classifier work?

The ability to send files anywhere at the click of a button brings with it ultimate convenience, but also extensive risk. A simple data mistake can have disastrous implications for any business.

Office Classifier works within Microsoft Office supporting each user in correctly classifying documents as they are created or modified, applying visual markings to ensure awareness of data safeguarding responsibilities. Classifications can be set up to reflect your organisation’s data policy or industry regulations.

Office Classifier is unique in applying classification support to key Microsoft Office applications used in manipulating the unstructured data that holds so much of an organisation’s sensitive information – including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and unique to Boldon James – Visio and Project. You can be confident that your critical data is correctly identified and that your organisation has control.
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  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office

    Users can easily and intuitively classify documents within Microsoft Office making classification a simple process that quickly becomes second nature.

  • Document classification moulded to your business

    Office Classifier can be configured to meet the needs and challenges of your data security policy. Extensive configuration options enable you to select how data is classified, how much input the user should have in classifying a document, and how a classified document is treated and protected.

  • Increasing staff awareness of the value of data

    Using Office Classifier to Involve your workforce in the classification of data you will see a greater awareness of the value of your data among your workforce and a more consistent application of your organisation’s policies.

  • Control unstructured information

    By classifying data it becomes possible to control files that are otherwise unstructured, so you can protect important data more effectively and store and retrieve it more easily.

  • Giving you confidence in your compliance

    Through applying a consistent and thorough classification system you can be confident that sensitive data stays within your company and any policy violations are immediately flagged for remediation, ensuring you stay compliant.

  • Driving improved ROI on existing data prevention software

    Improve your return on investment from other solutions, such as data loss prevention and digital rights management, when you use Classifier.

    By setting up rules within Classifier which drive the decisions made by your existing data prevention solution, your data protection policy becomes more systematic and reliable.

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  • Simple user experience with single-click classification and graphical choices for rapid recognition
  • Visual marking of documents to enhance user awareness
  • Metadata tagging to drive third-party security and data management solutions
  • Automatically invokes use of Microsoft Rights Management System (RMS) protection
  • Assisted labelling and content checking to support users in their classification choices
  • Attach different classification levels to specific sections of a document
  • Quick and easy set up with Classifier Administration
  • Monitor and analyse user behaviour via a comprehensive audit trail with Classifier Reporting or other event reporting tools


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