How does Notes Classifier work?

With so much business data being sent in messages, it can be difficult to ensure that sensitive information is only passed to those eligible to see it.

Notes Classifier enables you to select classifications for your messages, then apply rules so that data can be marked and controlled according to its level of sensitivity. These rules include control over which data is shared with those outside of your organisation.


  • Classification markings that help your teams

    Markings are clearly displayed on classified messages to show your users the classification of data, making them more aware of the value of the data they’re handling and its safeguarding needs.

  • Familiarity ensures consistency

    The classification interface provided by Notes Classifier is common across the Classifier products, ensuring a familiar user experience as users move between IBM Notes and other applications such as those of Microsoft Office.

  • A tailored approach because one size does not fit all

    Your users don’t all work with data in the same way and to reflect that diversity the classification experience can be tailored for different user communities. This means, for example, you can select how much freedom to share information each user group is allowed for a particular level of classification.

  • Keep your workforce informed with immediate policy feedback

    Customisable policy feedback means you can immediately inform users of policy violations using your own business language, avoiding unnecessary delays to your vital business processes.

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  • Choice of interface styles to match user community needs
  • Quick classification options
  • Fully customisable visual markings to enhance user-awareness
  • Warns users of potential data breaches
  • Alerts users of incompatible email and attachment classifications
  • Automatically protects the most sensitive content
  • Customisable policy feedback to enhance user understanding of data policy
  • Adds metadata markings to ensure consistent DLP decisions
  • Tailored policies for different user communities
  • Recognises classifications on Microsoft Office documents for easy integration


Notes Classifier Datasheet

Boldon James Notes Classifier

Labelling, Protective Marking and Release Control for IBM Notes Messaging


Boldon James Notes Classifier

Labelling, Protective Marking and Release Control for IBM Notes Messaging

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