How does Mobile Filter Work?

Some emails just aren’t appropriate for storing on a handheld device or reading in public. Mobile Filter works with Boldon James Classifier and SAFEmail® solutions to stop the synchronisation of the most sensitive emails from Microsoft Exchange mailboxes.

Mobile Filter detects messages deemed inappropriate for synchronisation and blocks them from the handheld device by monitoring the Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) synchronisation protocol and replacing identified messages.


  • Gives you confidence in mobile device use

    By preventing exposure of sensitive data via mobile devices you can be confident in your workforce’s ability to work remotely or whilst on the move without risking the loss of data.

  • Removes risk from ‘bring your own device’

    As more people are permitted to use their own devices for work, Mobile Filter ensures your highly sensitive data will not be vulnerable on handheld devices.


  • Supports a wide range of mobile devices
  • Convenient setup and deployment on Microsoft Exchange server
  • Complements Boldon James Classifier and SAFEmail®
  • Applies classification-based filtering in conjunction with Boldon James Classifier products
  • Automated detection of keywords with message filtering
  • Notifies users when a message cannot be viewed on a handheld device
  • Customisable text to use for replacement messages
  • Easy to configure using a graphical administration interface


Email Classifier & Blackberry Solution Paper

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Boldon James Mobile Filter

Data Loss Prevention for Mobile Email


Boldon James Mobile Filter

Data Loss Prevention for Mobile Email

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