How does Mobile Classifier work?

Mobile Classifier allows you to separate out business and personal data, ensuring users correctly classify business data, making it easier to manage and protect. Windows Phone, Android, and iOS compatible, Mobile Classifier brings full classification support to the widest range of mobile devices and means you can benefit from your mobile workforce without the risk.


  • Policy enforcement at the point of sending

    Policy enforcement and policy actions are performed on the device with immediate user feedback, giving you up-to-date policy application and responsiveness without limiting the ability to communicate in real time whilst out and about.

  • Make data users data aware

    Adding business-relevant visual markings to your emails means that users are continually reminded of the value of the data that they are working with.

  • Consistent security is effective security

    Data protection solutions can’t be effective if they are reliant on ad-hoc user application.

    The metadata applied by Mobile Classifier can be used to improve the effectiveness of third-party security solutions – applying control rules more consistently and with fewer errors.

  • Better performance with multi-layer mobile security

    Designed and created with hand-held devices in mind, Mobile Classifier works together with Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to increase the security of information stored on mobile devices.

    With flexible deployment options you can use Mobile Classifier with both on premise or cloud mailbox solutions such as Microsoft Office 365.

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  • Works on Windows Phone, Android and iOS
  • Compatible with Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions
  • Quick and easy configuration
  • Supports both cloud and on-premises mailbox solutions
  • Separation of personal and business data minimises data leakage risk
  • Easy message classification
  • Increases user awareness with visual and metadata classification labels
  • Customisable classification marking on messages
  • Clear display of classifications within folder views and open messages
  • Immediate on-device policy enforcement
  • Control who can receive sensitive messages and what classification changes are permitted
  • Use classifications to limit recipients, message size and more with advanced controls


Boldon James Mobile Classifier Flyer

Mobile Classifier Brochure

Protecting Business Data - Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere


Mobile Classifier Datasheet

Boldon James Mobile Classifier Datasheet

Delivering consistent message classification for mobile devices


Boldon James Mobile Classifier Datasheet

Delivering consistent message classification for mobile devices

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