IMPART Suite for Windows Overview

Access an ICL/Fujitsu Virtual Machine Environment (VME) system from your Windows computers with our IMPART suite and run an interactive video session, print documents, and transfer files with ease.

Write your own programs to communicate with VME, or other OSI-compliant devices, using a simple read and write interface, with configuration settings managed by the same convenient tools as for the standard applications.


  • Communicate with VME and other devices, with your own programs

    A simple read and write interface allows you to write your own programs to communicate with VME or other OSI-compliant devices.

  • Up to thousands of simultaneous connections to VME

    Impart can manage up to thousands of connections to VME all at the same time.

  • Single configuration utility

    Provides a single point from which to configure, manage and control services access for a network of PCs.


  • Can use OSI and TCP/IP networks
  • Uses standard PC communication stacks to communicate with the remote systems/devices
  • Provides Direct Print (DP), Application Data Interchange (ADI), File Transfer Facility (FTF)  & VT320 emulation
  • OSI supports Transport Class 4 including ISO Connectionless Network Protocol (CLNP)
  • Extensive diagnostic and tracing facilities available
  • Can be monitored using the Microsoft Windows performance monitor


IMPART OSI Transport for Windows

Accessing VME host or other devices using OSI protocols


The software implements the ISO standard transport protocol to provide reliable communications over local area network connections for both IMPART and customers’ own applications.Customer-written applications can use the IMPART Application Data Interchange (ADI) interface which provides a simple set of functions for reading and writing data and requires the IMPART addressing files, or the Winsock or WinXTI interfaces (ISO 8072), for more precise control.


  • ISO 8073 Connection-Oriented Transport Protocol Class 4 over ISO 8802-3 LAN
  • ISO 8473 Connectionless Network Protocol (CLNP)
  • ISO 9542 End System to Intermediate System routing exchange protocol (ESIS)
  • Dynamic addressing for use when the full CLNP is not used – This is used for environments such as Fujitsu’s IPA3 OSLAN, where there is not a network protocol and therefore no ESIS
  • Support for multiple LAN cards and sub-networks
  • Extensive tracing, diagnostic and statistics facilities
  • A GUI interface for setting OSI Transport and network layer parameters
  • A choice of application programming interfaces (WinSock/WinXTI)



IMPART for Windows Datasheet

IMPART For Windows

OSI communications for connection to ICL/Fujitsu VME systems, and other OSI-compliant systems


IMPART For Windows

OSI communications for connection to ICL/Fujitsu VME systems, and other OSI-compliant systems

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