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By attaching metadata classification labels to all of your data files you can control who sees them, who doesn’t, and who shares them. The intuitive drop down menu that sits within Windows File Explorer is configurable to reflect your own organisation’s data policies and enables users to select a classification level for each file quickly and easily. Other security tools are driven by the metadata label, ensuring they’re invoked when the data requires it, but data moves freely when it does not.
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  • Easily classify all data, whatever the file format

    A single, intuitive solution for classifying all files held in a Windows File Store, making classification easier, more consistent, and therefore more effective. Formats include PDF, MPEG, JPEG, PNG.

  • Increased protection against data loss

    Adding metadata labels to files allows you to drive downstream security solutions such as email gateway, encryption and DLP.

  • Makes users more aware of their data responsibilities

    Asking users to classify their data in line with your data policy encourages a greater responsibility when it comes to looking after their data.

  • Ensuring and proving compliance

    By classifying data it becomes easier to identify where sensitive data resides and how it is being used. Classifier Reporting allows you to monitor classification activity and demonstrate compliance with regulations.

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  • Flexible classification of any file formats
  • Easy classification with simple labels for users to select from
  • Embeds metadata labels for easy application of policy rules and to drive downstream security solutions, such as DLP
  • Quick and easy configuration with Classifier Administration
  • Tailor classification policies to different user groups for enhanced flexibility
  • Classification displayed visually within File Explorer increases user awareness


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Boldon James File Classifier

Security Labelling for all types of Windows® Files


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Boldon James File Classifier

Security Labelling for all types of Windows® Files

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