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How does Exchange Classifier work?

Exchange Classifier operates within Microsoft Exchange as an Exchange Transport Agent enabling you to apply your classification policy to every message sent or received by your organisation.

With Exchange Classifier you can safely collaborate with other organisations whilst upholding your data security by tailoring safeguarding instructions and automatically mapping the classification labels of your partners into your own classification scheme.

As part of the Classifier360 approach to data classification, Exchange Classifier complements user-driven classification with automated classification techniques, ensuring that data classification is consistent, effective, and doesn’t interfere with workflow.

Exchange Classifier automatically applies your data protection rules and can apply appropriate visual and metadata markings to unlabelled messages. These rules are capable of determining who can receive sensitive data and directing the behaviour of your other data protection solutions.


  • Collaborate with external partners to keep data safe

    Exchange Classifier can tailor the labelling and marking of your messages to ensure they are relevant and meaningful to different business partners. Any unlabelled messages from partners can also be labelled with a default classification relevant to that business relationship.

    Where business partners operate their own labelling schemes, Exchange Classifier translates your labels to/from the partner schemes – supporting collaborative labelling across all your key business relationships.

  • Data classifications that stick

    The unique Classifier Message Tracking Service records the classification of every message and restores the original classification to any unlabelled messages in a conversation thread.

    To ensure that classification is consistently applied, system-generated messages can also be allocated a default classification.

  • Keep control of your data

    Once data is classified it can be subject to rules specific to its sensitivity level. Data control is easier with automatic rules that you can set to alert users when they try to send data in a way that breaches your security policy.

    Data sharing can be fully tracked with the Classifier Message Tracking Service so you know exactly where it is going and how it got there.

  • Get more from your data protection solutions

    Automatically direct the actions of the other solutions your company uses to protect, archive and encrypt your data to ensure their use is consistent, provides a better return on investment, and heightens effectiveness.


  • Apply visual and metadata marking to unlabelled messages
  • Translate between your classification scheme and partner schemes
  • Maintain the classification of conversation threads
  • Control who can receive sensitive classified data
  • See where and with whom important data is being shared
  • Selectively archive messages according to business sensitivity
  • Automatically invoke governance workflows on key information exchanges


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Boldon James Exchange Classifier

Enabling Classification Completeness and Safer Collaboration


Boldon James Exchange Classifier

Enabling Classification Completeness and Safer Collaboration

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