How do email guards work?

Email guards help businesses control email traffic entering and leaving the organisation, and defend against advanced attacks and misuse by inspection of email content. They are used by organisations that need to tightly control external Internet email traffic or internal email between separate security zones, without disrupting the business processes.

The guard is designed to protect information by allowing information to be shared in a controlled way, whilst meeting business needs. It has been designed to be used by organisations where security of information and data assets is recognised as being essential and where there is an additional requirement of proven capability and quick deployment.


  • Integration with Data Classification Tools

    Employing user-driven classification tools (such as Boldon James Classifier and SAFEmail®) provides border Guard technology with visual and metadata markings, which can apply security policy decisions before sensitive data either leaves or enters the organisation. This approach allows for a robust and resilient control of your sensitive data across the whole enterprise at the boundary points at which data leaves your network.

  • Deployment Partnerships

    We work with our best-of-breed partners to deploy guards and gateways which provide interoperability between networks of different security classification or domains. Find out more at DeepSecure and Nexor.


  • Controls email traffic entering and leaving an organisation or security zone
  • Provide advanced attack defence focusing on the application content
  • Provide rich functionality for inspection of security labelled data and deep content inspection
  • Perform releasability checks based upon metadata tags and content.
  • Maximise operational capability by allowing safe data to pass from a “low” system to a “high” system
  • Block messages and attachments containing viruses and dirty words
  • Provide SMTP and X.400 application proxying
  • Maximise operational capability by allowing releasable data to pass from a “high” system to a “low” system. For example “SECRET” content is always blocked from being released to “” whilst “PUBLIC” content is allowed.


SAFEmail Secure Messaging Video

SAFEmail®- a Leading Secure Messaging Solution


SAFEmail P7 Transport Datasheet

SAFEmail P7 Transport

A Microsoft Outlook Plug-In Providing The Capability To Send and Receive Messages To / From An X.400 Message Store The Via P7 Protocol


SAFEmail Fire and Forget Datasheet

SAFEmail Fire & Forget

Assured Delivery of Messages Over a Microsoft Exchange/Outlook Infrastructure


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