How does Email Classifier Work?

Email Classifier enables Outlook users to classify emails according to their sensitivity creating both a Visual and metadata label. Once labelled, data can be controlled to ensure that emails and files are only sent to those you want to receive them, protecting your sensitive information from accidental loss. Classifier visual labels alert the user to the importance of the data that they are accessing and the metadata alerts your other security software tools, so that they take action when the data requires it.

Email distribution controls can be mapped to your data protection policy so users are made aware when an email or attached file they are sending contravenes that policy. If data is sent or received by email in contravention of your policy, you can be confident that it will be stopped in its tracks and the incident logged for audit purposes.
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  • No more accidental data loss

    Visual warnings and sophisticated policy checks make innocent data breach mistakes a thing of the past, preventing accidental data loss before it occurs.

  • Distribute your data on a ‘need to know’ basis

    As well as controlling who outside of your organisation can receive sensitive data, you can also control the internal distribution of data – enforcing ‘need to know’ boundaries and preventing conflicts of interest.

  • Improve ROI on other data management and protection solutions

    See a higher return on your investment in DLP, encryption, and archiving and retrieval solutions. By automatically applying consistent rules based upon classification levels, you can dictate when and how third party solutions apply their controls.

  • Ensure that classification choices are appropriate

    Content is automatically checked for compliance with selected classification levels. Where content appears to contradict the email classification level, Email Classifier can propose a more appropriate classification.

  • Identify data security training opportunities and assessment of compliance

    Be confident that you’ll know about potential data breaches first. Determine specific user activities and actions you want administrators to be able to review. From spotting data breach attempts and other inappropriate behaviours, you can identify data security training opportunities and effectively assess compliance.

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  • Simple user experience with single-click classification to make selection quick and easy
  • Visual labelling of emails to enhance user awareness, including the ability to use graphics as labels
  • Labelling recommendations make classification choices easy for the user
  • Content checking to sense-check classification selection
  • Improve the consistency and effectiveness of other data protection solutions
  • Immediate warning to users when emailing data to inappropriate recipients 
  • Attachment classifications checked for consistency with the email classification
  • Automatically apply persistent data protection using Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS)
  • Customisable activity log to reveal activity that contravenes your data policy


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