How does Classifier Administration work?

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The console, with its familiar Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Interface, is used to set up each of the Classifier products. It is here that the Classifier suite can be moulded to really reflect your organisation’s data policy, creating policies for particular user communities and establishing rules for data control.

Administrators can establish and control each of the elements of the Classifier software quickly and easily, whether it be for a single department or standardising an organisation-wide classification scheme so that your business can stay in control of its data at all times.

Classifier Administration includes wizards to support administrators in setting up complex rules without the need to write lengthy syntaxes. A rich text editor enables intuitive and quick ways for administrators to amend notifications and visual markings.


  • Quick and easy set up

    Quick start configuration options and policy templates mean that you can get started with Boldon James Classifier products in just minutes.

  • Make classification speak your language

    Tailor the complete user experience of classification via a single console, reflecting both your business terminology and the local languages spoken by your staff, improving awareness by allowing users to select the language they are most own familiar with.

  • Control messages and labels users see

    A rich text editor allows administrators to edit the messages and notifications that users receive and can also edit the way that visual markings on documents appear.

  • Crystal clear rule application

    Graphical decision tree representation of policy rules makes it crystal clear how data is to be treated in all of circumstances.

  • Just one console to administer all Classifier products

    This means there is one system to learn and information only needs to be entered once, regardless of which product from the Classifier suite you are deploying.

  • Policy options by user groups for ultimate flexibility

    Establish policy options for various user groups for ultimate flexibility and ease of use.


  • Configure all the features of the Classifier products within a single console
  • Easy to use with familiar management interface
  • Quick set up with built-in policy templates
  • Supports familiar policy management workflow of Define > Refine > Test > Publish
  • Easy to understand rule representation through graphical decision trees
  • Convenient management of visual markings with rich text editor
  • No need for complex syntaxes as Wizards are available for key configuration steps
  • Full customisation and localisation of the end-user experience
  • Multiple policies can be established quickly for new target communities with policy cloning
  • Reliable policy publishing options including Active Directory or File Share


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Boldon James Administration

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