How CAD Classifier works

New product designs need to be protected so that data does not leak into the wrong hands – or the right ones too soon. Managing data and IP can get complicated when sharing information with organisations across the supply chain.

CAD Classifier brings the benefits of data classification to key design documents and CAD applications. You can apply relevant visual and metadata labels to Autodesk® AutoCAD® documents and receive guidance on labelling policy. In conjunction with Email Classifier, CAD Classifier can also ensure that such documents are only sent to appropriate departments or external organisations.


  • Put an end to accidental data leaks

    Automated warnings or confirmation requests can remove the risk of accidental data leaks. You can concentrate on supply chain management without the distractions of data control concerns.

  • Helping you attain IS027001

    CAD Classifier sits seamlessly within Autodesk® AutoCAD®, providing a quick and easy classification process for data as it is created or shared, supporting the achievement of ISO27001.

  • Use your existing Classifier configuration to protect your CAD content

    CAD Classifier enables your other Classifier software to recognise CAD file formats including DWG and DXF and to apply your existing data security policy to CAD files, helping to control data use and distribution across your organisation.

  • Reap rewards from your data protection investments

    With classification metadata enabling the consistent and regular automatic application of third party software such as DLP, archiving and encryption to sensitive data, your data protection solution will be more effective, giving you a better return on investment.

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  • Increases awareness of the correct safeguarding of critical IP amongst your design staff
  • Enhances the regularity of classification as it recognises classifications in CAD files
  • Extends the capability of other Classifier products that use CAD files
  • Easy to review classification with visual and metadata classification tags
  • Increases the return on investment and reliability of 3rd party software applications through the provision of classification metadata


Email Classifier Datasheet

Boldon James Email Classifier

Adding Labels to Outlook Emails to Prevent Data Loss


File Classifier Datasheet

Boldon James File Classifier

Security Labelling for all types of Windows® Files


Power Classifier Datasheet

Boldon James Power Classifier

Mass Security Labelling for Documents and Files


Sharepoint Classifier Datasheet

Boldon James SharePoint Classifier

Security Classification for Microsoft Document Management


Boldon James CAD Classifier Datasheet

Delivering consistent message classification for mobile devices


Boldon James CAD Classifier Datasheet

Delivering consistent message classification for mobile devices

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