How Box Classifier works

Convenience and cost-effectiveness of cloud-based storage and sharing services present a challenge to meeting regulatory compliance requirements and ensuring protection of valuable data.

Boldon James Box Classifier extends document classification into cloud-based storage and sharing, ensuring organizations of all sizes have a unified and seamless solution for classification-based data protection and control regardless of its location.


  • Automate Box Sharing Rules

    The classification value of an uploaded document can be used to automatically determine its sharing capabilities within Box, meaning that the business can be assured that the correct sharing permissions are applied to a Box document according to its classification. This result is the automatic alignment of Box sharing rules with your information security policies.

  • Unified Classification

    Unites document classification with the security classifications of Box Governance and ensures a common document classification scheme and handling policy are applied throughout your organization and extended to those you share data with.

  • Preservation of Classification

    The classification of a document being uploaded is automatically mapped to Box metadata. Any attempt to manually change the Box metadata is corrected, ensuring a consistent understanding of classification and preventing accidental interference by users.

  • Quarantine Sensitive Documentation and Prevent Confidential Upload

    Documents with specific classifications can be quarantined upon upload to allow manual remediation or blocked from being uploaded to Box. This enables oversight to be applied to the sharing of your more sensitive documents and automatically stops the most sensitive documents from being held in Box – preventing user error from exposing valuable and sensitive regulated data such as PII, PCI and ITAR.

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  • Flexible classification of any file formats
  • Visual marking of documents to enhance user awareness
  • Quick and easy set up with Classifier Administration
  • Consistent classification policy across all Classifier products
  • Documents with specific classifications can be blocked from being uploaded


Boldon James Box Classifier Datasheet

Extending Document Classification Into Cloud-based Storage and Sharing


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Boldon James Box Classifier Datasheet

Extending Document Classification Into Cloud-based Storage and Sharing

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