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Three Pillars of Data Classification Power


1 Increase User Awareness

By using Boldon James Classifier in their business, Allianz experienced a 60% uplift in awareness of the company’s data security policies.

This improvement in user awareness has helped to decrease data breaches by upwards of 89% since June 2013.

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2 Enhance Data Loss Prevention Initiatives

DeltaCredit experienced a significant 80% reduction in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) false positives after they implemented the Boldon James Data Classification solution.

This resulted in significant cost savings and enhanced security across the organisation. Gartner and Forrester both advise that a good DLP programme starts with effective Data Classification.

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3Demonstrate Compliance

Monitoring and reporting on Data Classification activities allows compliance with legislation to be audited on an ongoing basis. It also enables the early identification and prevention of breaches by highlighting risky user behaviour so you can stop data loss incidents before they occur.

Using our new powerful reporting tool, our clients have seen immediate improvements in measurability, better visibility of data governance and the ability to prove ROI for the solution set.

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We have over 30 years’ experience in facilitating secure messaging and classifying data to protect against sensitive data leaks. We work with the world’s leading commercial organisations, system integrators, defence forces and governments.