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Security experts often recommend using data discovery, data classification, and encryption to keep data safe from internal and external cyber threats. But the options are less than ideal: organizations either have to manage three or more stand-alone products, settle for solutions that are missing required capabilities, or—worst of all—choose to leave their sensitive data undiscovered, unclassified, and unsecured while they search for a path forward.

PKWARE and Boldon James offer an integrated set of discovery, classification, and remediation products that combine these capabilities in one simple workflow which can be applied to files at the point of creation, as well as to legacy files that were created before a classification tool was introduced.

With this joint solution, organizations can ensure that all of their sensitive data is classified and appropriately protected with persistent encryption that stays with data wherever it is moved, shared, or stored.

It’s the simplest, most efficient way to control and secure sensitive information against loss, theft, or misuse.

Solution Highlights

  • Integrated data discovery, classification, and encryption
  • Supports user-driven classification, automatic classification, or a combination of approaches
  • Applies persistent encryption that remains with data at rest, in use, and in transit
  • Metadata associated with encrypted files remains readable by DLP tools
  • PKWARE’s data compression technology reduces file sizes by up to 90%
  • Smartkey technology enables enforced access control defined by classification or user/group
  • Data Security Intelligence tools provide advanced reporting functionality


Press Release: Boldon James & PKWARE Partnership



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"Great product for user awareness"

Very good customer support for implementation and operations. The product is great for improving user awareness of data classification.

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