Voltage Security, Inc. Joins FreeMark Initiative™

Employee round-table discussion
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Delivering freeware security email Labelling and Protective Marking.

Maidenhead, July 19th, 2011 – Voltage Security is the latest high profile security vendor to endorse the FreeMark Initiative. Voltage will work with Boldon James to provide the FreeMark Edition of its Email Classifier product free of charge to its Voltage SecureMail™ and Voltage Cloud Services™ customers. The initiative launched on July 4th 2011. Registration to download the freeware application is at: www.boldonjames.com/freemark

“We applaud this exciting move by Boldon James to extend email labelling free of charge to every company”, said Ravi Pather, VP EMEA for Voltage Security. “Email security management is crucial to our customers and this move unifies the benefits of consistent data classification with strong encryption to offer the most effective approach to maintaining information security and policy compliance in today’s digital business environment.”

FreeMark Initiative™ Overview
Launched on July 4th registration to become a member of the FreeMark Initiative™ is available now at www.boldonjames.com/freemark. The FreeMark Edition of Boldon James’ Email Classifier is corporate freeware available to download and use at no charge. Key functions: One-step Labelling, Visual Labels and Automated Protection. (more on FreeMark Initiative here: http://app.prmax.co.uk/v/p/4557/view)

Voltage and the FreeMark Initiative™
Voltage share in the objectives of the FreeMark Initiative, namely to improve user awareness of information security and establish the role of labelling in driving consistency in the prevention of data loss.

The FreeMark Edition of Boldon James Email Classifier will work in concert with Voltage SecureMail™ and Voltage Cloud Services™ to augment a policy-based email encryption solution. The author of an email can apply a business-related label that ensures encryption-based protection is correctly applied in accordance with company security policy. In addition the visual marking of an email provides a permanent indication to all recipients as to the sensitivity of the content.

Voltage solutions reduce the risks associated with theft of sensitive and private information, support privacy guidelines including PCI DSS, HITECH, U.S. Data Breach Disclosure laws and European Data Privacy directives, and uniquely provide security of data coupled with unmatched usability which results in significantly lowered total cost of ownership.