Turkish Aerospace Industries take flight with Boldon James Classifier

Employee round-table discussion
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Farnborough, 12th May, 2015 – – QinetiQ’s data security company Boldon James, a leading provider of data classification and secure messaging solutions, has today announced that Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc (TAI) has selected Boldon James Classifier to ensure compliance with security regulations and standards.

TAI, Turkey’s leading technology establishment in the design, development, manufacturing, integration and support of aerospace systems, has selected Boldon James’s Email, Office, File and Power Classifier, which will also streamline the introduction of new Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions and practices.

One of the top hundred aerospace and defence organisations in the world, TAI is faced with complex regulatory, legal and compliance requirements and to maintain their compliance position, TAI’s security procedures require that all data assets are classified by the person creating the data. With all employees required to protect, handle and exchange information in accordance with TAI’s security procedures, TAI needed a user-friendly classification solution to fit into their centrally managed complex IT infrastructure, which includes more than 4500 clients, 500 servers, 1.3TB of data and many external devices.

Gϋlsen Bayramusta, Information Technologies Manager at TAI, commented: “Data classification is an integral part of our information security provision. Historically this process has been manual, but it was not an effective way of ensuring our policies were enforced. We needed something that forced our users to take ownership for the data they were handling and label it appropriately, whilst simultaneously improving effectiveness and performance of our overall IT Security processes.”

After a successful pilot, managed by Turkish reseller Biznet via Boldon James Elite distributor Adacom, TAI selected Boldon James due to the unique mass labelling capabilities delivered by the Power Classification solution. This provides TAI users with the ability to label large data sets of static information and to dynamically apply classification at the point of data capture.

Martin Sugden, Managing Director of Boldon James said: “We are delighted that TAI has recognised the benefits that Boldon James Classifier can offer and chosen our solution to meet their data classification and security needs. Involving users in the classification decision-making process empowers employees to play an active part in the security process. Our use of label suggestions based on previous activity, policies tailored to the users department and the ever present tool tips help the users apply vital context to sensitive data. Users understand the value of the information they are handling and other solutions like access control can use the label to ensure compliance. TAI can now be confident that the information that is generated and managed by their users is handled and protected at the right security classification level.”

Gϋlsen Bayramusta concludes: “Since the implementation of the Boldon James Classifier solutions we have already seen an increase in the rate of appropriately-classified information and our users are more aware of the value of the data they are handling. We have integrated the Classifier logs with our SIEM solution and have the ability to streamline the implementation of a DLP solution, as we can harness the predictable and meaningful metadata that we gather from Classifier to improve the reliability of our DLP decision-making. These tangible benefits show the value we have derived from this implementation that we can share with our partners and stakeholders.”