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Sapphire Joins FreeMark Initiative™

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Provides Professional Services for Implementing, Advising and Managing Corporate Freeware Email Labelling solutions.

Maidenhead, August 10th, 2011 –  Sapphire is the latest organisation to endorse the FreeMark Initiative. Working with clients to implement the Boldon James FreeMark Edition of its Email Classifier product Sapphire brings extensive professional services experience to the Initiative by providing and distributing corporate freeware solutions for email labelling. The FreeMark initiative launched on July 4th 2011 with free software available to download at

“We have always „gone the extra mile‟ when providing professional security assurance services,” says John Morrison, Managing Director at Sapphire. “We see the FreeMark Initiative in that same mould of providing more to our customers and we regard it as a key stepping stone in ensuring that organisations across the globe understand their obligations with regard to email information and classification. With Boldon James providing email labelling free of charge we will be able to provide the professional services and support that will enforce corporate email labelling and raise awareness within operational staff.”

FreeMark Initiative™ Overview
Launched on July 4th the FreeMark Edition takes just 5 minutes to download, configure and start using and is freely available as corporate freeware to download at Key functions include: One-step Labelling, Visual Labels and Automated Protection.
More on FreeMark Initiative:

Sapphire and the FreeMark Initiative™
Sapphire share in the objectives of the FreeMark Initiative, namely to improve user awareness of information security and establish the role of labelling in driving consistency in the prevention of data loss.

With FreeMark the author of an email can apply a business-related label that ensures encryptionbased protection is correctly applied in accordance with company security policy. In addition the visual marking of an email provides a permanent indication to all recipients as to the sensitivity of the content.

Sapphire is ranked in the top 5% of UK IT companies by Dunn & Bradstreet and provides a broad range of professional services in the IT security market covering all key aspects of corporate security. Sapphire‟s knowledge and services, when applied to the FreeMark Edition of Boldon James Email Classifier, will deliver much needed email labelling solution. Regulatory compliance is a key driver for email labelling and many organisations have failed to implement solutions because of:

  • the software costs, a barrier now removed by Boldon James corporate freeware approach
  • the time taken to assess in a live environment, a hurdle that FreeMark addresses with its 5 minute, three step implementation, and
  • the expertise required to manage, configure and implement across the organisation, which Sapphire addresses comprehensively


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