New Solution Provides Safer Collaboration For Sensitive Data (HS Today)

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QinetiQ’s Data security company Boldon James, a provider of data classification and secure messaging solutions, has launched Exchange Classifier, the latest addition to its Classifier suite of products.

Exchange Classifier has been designed to ensure sensitive data remains consistently classified and tracked throughout the exchange of communications with external partners, enabling organizations to collaborate more safely and effectively.

This extra layer of auditing and protection for messages and data which are shared between organizations can result in increased productivity when working with partners, and reduce risk of data breach or loss.

While user driven classification remains a fundamental step in the protection of sensitive data, an increasing number of organizations operate more collaboratively and remotely than ever before. A significant amount of sensitive data, such as intellectual property, customer information or contracts, is shared with external parties in the course of normal business, so safe handling is vital.

Operating within Microsoft Exchange, Exchange Classifier enhances classification solutions that are based solely on endpoint enforcement by adding exchange-level enforcement to ensure consistency in the classification of email messages, whether internal or external, resulting in a greater level of data governance and data protection. It also provides users with the ability to track and report on dissemination of sensitive data both within and outside the organization.

Managing Director of Boldon James, Martin Sugden, said, “Exchange Classifier ensures data is labelled and auditable throughout its lifecycle, so that its sensitivity remains inherently intact, while providing extended tracking and auditability. Currently there is nothing like this on the market that allows for an organization to ‘fill in the gaps’ of classification so completely.”

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