How Safe is your Company Data During the Holiday Getaway? (Fresh Business Thinking)

Employee round-table discussion
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The annual August getaway has been in full swing but with sun now setting on the summer holidays, employees are tearing themselves away from the beach and heading back to the office. While businesses are well aware of the issues around covering holidays and keeping productivity levels high during the summer months, keeping corporate data secure is not given the attention it should. Whether it is that employees are checking into the office remotely via their mobile devices whilst by the pool or they are caught in the post-holiday blues that comes with an over-flowing inbox, the potential is there for the information contained within the businesses being sent to the wrong person or not being appropriately identified. With the proliferation of BYOD, remote working and an increasing culture for never switching-off, corporations need to be especially vigilant about protecting themselves against potential data leakage or loss.

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