FreeMark available for download. Brings “Independence” to email security labelling

Employee round-table discussion
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FreeMark Classifier Delivers free Email Security Labelling and Protective Marking.

Maidenhead – July 4th, 2011 – “Independence Day is the appropriate day for Boldon James FreeMark Classifier Edition to be generally available for download and installation for company’s worldwide”, said Brett Gribble, global sales director with Boldon James. “FreeMark gives users the ability to secure emails by marking the appropriate security levels both internally and externally. With automated implementation of encryption, rights management and archiving, organisations can manage data protection and adhere to corporate data legislation.”

Boldon James FreeMark Edition of its Email Classifier product is free of charge and available to download and deploy within a company at

Supported by major software and IT Security vendors and systems integrators, FreeMark Initiative™ delivers a free email labelling tool integrated with Microsoft® Outlook® platforms which applies visual and metadata labels to email messages, from a simple drop down menu, and for secure, confidential email messages automatically invokes security protection including encryption and rights management.

FreeMark Initiative™ Overview
Launched on July 4th registration to become a member of the FreeMark Initiative™ is free and available now at The FreeMark Edition is freely available as a download and key functions include:

One-step Labelling: A simple, familiar Microsoft Outlook drop-down from which users select an email classification label. A default label can be set with the option to automatically enforce labelling, thereby automating compliance with information assurance policies.

Visual Labels: Configurable markings are applied to Microsoft Outlook messages, raising user awareness of the value and sensitivity of the message information to both sender and receiver.

Automated Protection: The label choice can be used to directly invoke email protection at the desktop in the form of a Microsoft Windows Rights Management (RMS) policy or S/MIME encryption and digital signing. In addition, metadata labels are applied to the email Internet x-headers, enabling other email filtering, encryption, rights management and archiving actions to automatically be applied based on the label value. Corporate security is implemented without users needing to take any action other than to send an email with an appropriate label.