Enterprise Times Podcast: Protecting your organisation starts with data classification

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Enterprise Times had the chance to talk to Martin Sugden, CEO of Boldon James about the state of compliance and some of the findings of our new whitepaper: “Classification by Design: the foundation of effective data protection compliance

He also talked about the impact of COVID-19 on the compliance landscape. Regulators are not relaxing and he added: “It definitely has brought about stronger challenges for lots of companies, having to operate in a completely different manner than they normally do.

Martin Sugden, CEO of Boldon James
Martin Sugden, CEO of Boldon James

Sugden explains why companies should understand their data and where it is held. They can then apply data classification to the data to help leverage other tools that will help prevent data breaches. He explains how to apply data classification and how it helps apply compliance without modification to business processes.

“The reputational damage that is done from being shown to be not looking after people’s data. can be very significant.”

He talks about third party risk, not just in the supply chain but also through employees. If employees personal supply chains are weak then data harvested is useful for social engineering by criminals. The solution, according to Sugden, is better education of employees in this instance.

Sugden explains how companies need to ensure that they become better protected against data breaches. He summarises this saying: “This is really all about finding the right tools to do the right things and it will be different for every company”

To hear more of what Sugden had to say, listen to the podcast now via the Enterprise Times website.