DeviceLock Partners With Boldon James

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DeviceLock partners with Boldon James to deliver content-awareness for user-driven data classification

San Ramon, California – [September 19, 2018] – DeviceLock, Inc., an international leader in endpoint data leak prevention (DLP) software, today announced a partnership with QinetiQ’s data security company Boldon James, a leading provider of user-driven data classification and secure messaging solutions. The DeviceLock participation in Boldon James’ Technology Partner Program has enabled DeviceLock to complement DeviceLock DLP’s native content-based data classification capabilities by integrating with the user-driven data classification capabilities implemented in the Boldon James Classifier solution. This integration provides an additional, easy-to-use and control method for detecting the sensitivity of business data and efficiently preventing its leakage.

Today, one of the most challenging issues for various organizations using content-aware DLP solutions that depend on data classification is the assignment of value and/or sensitivity of existing and constantly generated new data used in business processes, which can often generate prohibitively high labor costs. An additional challenge is the sometimes inaccurate content inspection-based techniques used by some modern DLP solutions that automatically classify the sensitivity of protected data on-the-fly. This is why specialized user-driven data classification solutions that enable end-users to apply their experience and intellect for precisely classifying newly created and modified data is important. This precision is considered by organizations as a “must-have” corporate IT security component that should be integrated with DLP solutions to make their data classification tasks easier, more accurate, and controllable.

By utilizing the user-applied data classification supplied by Boldon James Classifier in DLP policies enforced by DeviceLock DLP, DeviceLock and Boldon James customers will be able to allow their end-users to directly specify the sensitivity of critical data, thus increasing the data classification accuracy in comparison with automatic content classification techniques natively built into some DLP products. In addition, the speed and performance of DeviceLock DLP based solutions for many use cases will be significantly improved, because the sensitivity of content in protected data objects (e.g. files) will be detected quicker with DLP components that initially read the data classification labels assigned by Boldon James Classifier instead of performing CPU-intensive computations for inspecting and analyzing the entire content profile of the data.

“As nowadays more and more organizations that use data leak prevention solutions are striving to simplify and intelligently manage the processes of classifying the sensitivity of corporate information assets protected by deployed DLP products, they want to combine the simplicity and accuracy of end user-driven data classification with the ability of content-aware DLP systems to detect and prevent violations of organizational data security policies in real-time across a wide spectrum of information leakage scenarios when sensitive data are used, stored, and transmitted inside and outside of the corporate IT environment,” emphasized Ashot Oganesyan, DeviceLock CTO and Founder. “DeviceLock is always closely listening to our customers, and we are especially pleased to announce that the newly released DeviceLock DLP version 8.3 seamlessly integrates with Boldon James Classifier – a leading data classification solution widely used on the global IT security market.”

”Data classification provides a critical foundation in any data protection approach. Enabling DeviceLock DLP to work with user-driven data classification labels enables a significant increase in DLP accuracy and a more robust holistic data protection solution,” says Keith Vallance, Product Director Boldon James. ”This continues our strategy of partnering with specialist, best-of-breed technologies that maximize the value of data classification. We are delighted to be working with DeviceLock and extending our solution into new markets.”

About DeviceLock

The DeviceLock DLP solution addresses the needs of organizations that require a simple and affordable approach to preventing data leaks from corporate Windows and Mac laptops, desktop computers, and virtualized Windows sessions and applications. DeviceLock DLP implements and effectively coordinates a full-featured set of contextual and content-aware controls over data-in-use, data-in-motion, and data-at-rest that is designed specifically for preventing information leaks from endpoints without unnecessarily interrupting normal business processes. The DeviceLock DLP solution is designed to effortlessly scale from small to large installations and to simplify DLP deployment and management such that it can usually be performed by in-house Windows administrators using the Microsoft Active Directory’s Group Policy Management Console or DeviceLock’s companion consoles. The complete package delivers an unprecedented level of functionality among endpoint DLP solutions in an easily affordable price range.

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About Boldon James

Boldon James has helped organisations protect their sensitive and business-critical data for more than 30 years. We provide best-of-breed data classification and secure messaging solutions, supported by expert advice, and partner to deliver powerful data security ecosystems. Boldon James is part of the QinetiQ group.