Data Security Experts Boldon James Release Classifier v3.6 To Support Multinational And Multi-Language Needs

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‘Don’t overlook the importance of language differences’ warn international business management experts . Enterprises demand Data Classification that speaks the language of their businesses.

Crewe, June 10th, 2013 – Boldon James has released Classifier v3.6, consolidating its position as the leading product for enterprises seeking data classification. The product is packed with new features including internationalisation, enhanced content checking, sample reporting and more flexible markings.

“In this era of global trade, English is far from universal as a business language and the importance of language differences in multi-national companies cannot be overlooked,” says Martin Sugden, CEO of data security experts Boldon James.

“Multi-language support is not just an issue for multinationals – sometimes language diversity is also required to reflect the ethnic and cultural needs of businesses operating in a single country. Classifier v3.6 is our agile response to market demand, incorporating significant new benefits for organisations requiring data classification that speaks the language of their business”

Data Classification is important to managing risk. A survey of more than 200 corporate leaders including board members and C-level executives at multinational firms showed that increased regulatory scrutiny and cyber risks were top challenges facing multinationals in 2013.

Meeting the diverse needs of business is the key to a successful data classification project – the more a classification tool can reflect the demands of individual businesses, user communities and users, the more likely it is to be successfully adopted and used.

“Customers require classification that fits into the user’s daily routine,” says Martin Sugden, “Classifier is already strong on supporting diverse business needs through multiple policies and providing a range of user experience options. With Classifier 3.6 comes new flexibility to deliver in any language and the ability to adapt to user experience and policy needs.

“Our latest classification solution enables our clients to customise every aspect of the text presented to users and to deliver relevant customisations to each distinct user community,” adds Martin Sugden. “Some classification solutions appear to have a terminology all of their own, but why should users be expected to learn it? This latest release of Classifier ensures that all users can relate to the activity of classification. By tailoring the user interface, all choices and the feedback displayed are meaningful to each user’s core activities. Likewise, if a business has users with differing primary languages then Classifier can now present each of those groups with an appropriate localisation.”

Peter Lyne, Managing Director of Boldon James channel partner Apperception, the applications development and Internet Services Provider, says: “It is increasingly important in an ever-more complex and multinational business world to be able to have common applications which deal with both the global and the local requirements.”