Boldon James launches Classifier Reporting to demonstrate compliance, improve governance and identify insider threats

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Latest release enables organisations to verify user behaviour, demonstrate compliance and reduce insider threats

Farnborough, November 3rd, 2015 – QinetiQ’s data security company Boldon James, a leading provider of data classification and military messaging solutions, today announced the launch of Classifier Reporting. This latest release forms part of the leading Classifier product suite and provides critical support for organisations to monitor and report on classification events and the handling of classified data; providing vital knowledge for management and compliance teams and enabling more advanced analysis of user behaviour. Classifier Reporting also provides integration options with a wide range of 3rd party analysis tools, including SIEM, Business Intelligence and advanced predictive analytics, to deliver advanced insight and inform security strategy.

Data classification is now seen as a core foundational step to achieving security best practice, as advised by Forrester and Gartner. Without the ability to consistently identify the value of information it is virtually impossible to ensure that adequate security and protection is applied to the most sensitive data.

Data classification delivers many benefits, but it’s important that organisations can measure that success and share that knowledge with others in the business. Classifier Reporting demonstrates the value of the investment in data classification.  All Classifier components contribute to a comprehensive audit trail of user activity. Classifier Reporting builds upon this capability to provide both structured audit data and a powerful means to analyse that data.

Forrester Research Inc. states the following in their report Develop Effective Security Metrics* “CISOs need metrics to help justify their budget and communicate the value of the security organization…Unfortunately, some CISOs still find it challenging to capture and report the correct metrics; in fact, nearly 60% of security decision-makers say that “inability to measure effectiveness” is a challenge or a major challenge.”

In summary, Classifier Reporting has the following key features and benefits:

Demonstrating value:

  • Out of the box dashboards and reports to enable quick start
  • Create and customise dashboards and reports using the Reporting Editor

Highlighting Compliance:

  • Easy to use and granular dashboards provide rapid assessment of current status and behavioural trends
  • Bespoke reports to facilitate knowledge sharing with internal and external auditors

Understanding behaviour:

  • Use timeline analysis to identify behavioural patterns and identify potential insider threats
  • Supports forensic queries, providing the ability to explore the underlying datasets to identify the cause of anomalous behaviour

Extension and integration:

  • SQL database allows organisations to easily extract data into other analytics tools

Commenting on the launch, Martin Sugden, Managing Director at Boldon James, said: “As information security becomes more people-focussed the need to ‘Trust but Verify’ your user’s behaviour is critical and Classifier Reporting supports organisations in that mission. Being able to identify potential threats and security issues before they arise is at the top of the priority list for any organisation. Classifier Reporting helps close the loop around monitoring and reporting, whilst enabling organisations to demonstrate value in their solution investments.”


“Develop Effective Security Metrics”, Forrester Research, December 9, 2014