Boldon James to demonstrate winning formula for Data Loss Prevention at FOCUS 2014

Employee round-table discussion
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Leading Data Classification vendor sponsors McAfee’s annual security network event.

Farnborough, October 28th, 2014 – QinetiQ’s Data security company Boldon James, a leading provider of Data Classification and Secure Messaging solutions, today announced that they will be a sponsor at McAfee’s FOCUS conference, their annual event for customers and partners which takes place in Las Vegas from the 27th – 29th October 2014.

The conference brings together security specialists and McAfee customers to help organisations manage their network security strategies and deployments. Boldon James, a McAfee Sales Teaming Partner and a member of their Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) programme, will demonstrate how their data classification solution, Boldon James Classifier, integrates with McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to boost the effectiveness of DLP measures.

Data Classification technology is becoming integral to many organisation’s data security strategies and empowers user communities who create and handle data to assign value to it. This enables individuals to make informed decisions on how the data is managed, protected and shared, establishing a safety net that prevents sensitive data from being distributed in error. Boldon James Classifier supplements McAfee Data Loss Prevention’s automated content scanning system in order to deliver more accurate DLP outcomes with fewer false positives, improved user acceptance and greater risk reduction.

“We are excited to be supporting McAfee FOCUS 14 – it is a unique opportunity to demonstrate how our partnership with McAfee allows organisations to implement DLP measures which actively guide all employees through the data life cycle.” said Martin Sugden, Managing Director of Boldon James. “For data loss prevention strategies to add value, they must be driven by insight from the user and based on the business value of the information being shared. By leveraging the knowledge of those creating and handling information, the users become active contributors to a data loss prevention solution, rather than just being regarded as part of the problem.”

“Organisations looking to deploy data loss prevention solutions are commonly faced with the dilemma of how to maximise the value of automated content scanning whilst avoiding the negative impact of false positives.” said Ed Barry, vice president, Global Technology Alliances at McAfee, part of Intel Security. “We know that organisations need to be more business-centric in their approach if DLP is to be successful. By supplying McAfee Data Loss Prevention with reliable insight into the meaning and value of data, Classifier complements the detection methods based on keywords and regular expressions alone, helping reduce the risk of data loss.”

For more information or to see Classifier in action, visit Boldon James at FOCUS 14, Booth 407