Boldon James Release IMPART for HP-UX 11.3

Employee round-table discussion
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Latest release demonstrates ongoing commitment to IMPART customers and product range.

Crewe, November 12, 2012 – In response to customer demand, Boldon James today released a new version of their IMPART product range for HP-UX running on 64-bit Itanium platforms, adding to the list of OSI Transports which are available for UNIX platforms (i.e. IBM/AIX, Sun/Solaris and Linux), as well as Windows PCs. This latest release includes the full suite of IMPART applications and OSI Transports that can be run over LAN and RFC1006 sub-networks. This is the first time Boldon James have released an OSI Transport for the HP-UX platform.

“Our customers have specifically requested this addition to the IMPART product line” commented Martin Sugden, CEO of Boldon James “We’re delighted to demonstrate our commitment to IMPART by meeting this requirement so quickly and to such a high standard”

The Boldon James OSI Transport is now the preferred communication stack for users that run Boldon James’s IMPART applications over the HP-UX OTS communication stack. The Boldon James OSI Transport uses HP’s Dynamically Loadable Kernel Module (DLKM) technology which enables them to be loaded into a running kernel without the need for a kernel rebuild or a system restart.

A similar offering will be made available for the Risc version of HP-UX 11.3, demonstrating the company’s ongoing support for this platform.

Boldon James have been supplying mainframe connectivity products to enable users to connect to legacy applications on Fujitsu-ICL mainframes for over 25 years and IMPART users can be found in many industrial sectors including ICL VME environments, telecommunication products, manufacturing and material handling systems.