Boldon James Mobile Filter: Data Loss Prevention for Mobile Email

Employee round-table discussion
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Crewe, February 2nd, 2012 – Many organisations provide mobile devices that permit roaming access to corporate email. There are situations in which it is undesirable to hold sensitive messages on those mobile devices. Boldon James Mobile Filter provides a solution to this issue by providing control over which messages can be synchronised to a mobile device from Microsoft Exchange Server. Filtering based on security labelling prevents sensitive information from being exposed to mobile devices.

Working with both the Boldon James Classifier and SAFEmail® product families, the Mobile Filter delivers benefits to corporate, government, intelligence and military communities alike.

Product Benefits

  • Prevents exposure of sensitive data via mobile device
  • Reduces risk of “Bring Your Own Device” strategy
  • Caters for wide range of mobile messaging devices
  • Consistently enforces information assurance policies
  • Complements Boldon James Classifier and SAFEmail® deployments