Boldon James launches SAFEmail® v3.8 – to enable a more flexible approach to formal and organisational messaging

Employee round-table discussion
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Latest release provides full support for the RFC6477 internet messaging standard, extending support for the latest secure messaging standards seamlessly across COTS and bespoke technology platforms.

London, 16th September 2015 – QinetiQ’s data security company Boldon James, a leading provider of data classification and military messaging solutions, today announced the launch of SAFEmail® version 3.8 at the DSEI 2015 show in London. With the latest SAFEmail® release, Defence and Homeland Security organisations can now handle formal messages at the desktop without the need for expensive X.400 Message Transfer Agents. Bespoke legacy solutions for low bandwidth environments can also interoperate with familiar Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products like Microsoft Outlook. SAFEmail® v3.8 provides support for the latest RFC6477 military communication standard, which defines the future direction for Military Messaging Handling Systems (MMHS), ensuring adherence to SMTP email messaging protocols and retaining support for X.400 communication protocols as specified in NATO STANAG 4406.

Boldon James SAFEmail® is proven in demanding operational environments and is currently used by a variety of international military forces, intelligence and Homeland Security organisations including Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), where the ability to send and receive messages quickly and securely is key to operational success.

In summary, SAFEmail® v3.8 offers the following additional functionality:

  • Support for RFC6477 messaging standards to enhance messaging support beyond X.400
  • Improved support for Formal Messaging Processes – new features such as a new user interface for e-tracking, improved alarm notifications and improved pre-submission email Capability Checking
  • Document Management System integration – providing users with the ability to send links to documents stored in Document Management Systems
  • Email messaging support for Microsoft Exchange or other IMAP4 or POP3 compliant messaging servers using Microsoft Outlook as the client, whilst providing vital P7 protocol support for connectivity with X.400 message stores
  • Multiple Microsoft Exchange email account support, allowing mailboxes located across different Exchange servers to be accessed from within the same Outlook profile.

Commenting on SAFEmail® v3.8, Martin Sugden, Managing Director at Boldon James said: “SAFEmail® allows Homeland Security and military organisations to monitor and control the flow of information, in all environments, at all levels of sensitivity, using standard products. This latest version of SAFEmail® provides enhanced High and Medium grade messaging support for the latest standards and formal and organisational messaging processes without the need for expensive bespoke standalone solutions.”

For more information on the latest SAFEmail® release, please visit Boldon James on the QinetiQ stand at DSEI 2015 (S2-550).