Boldon James Launches CAD Classifier to Protect Sensitive Design Files

Employee round-table discussion
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Classifier Brings Benefits of Data Classification to Design Applications to Protect Intellectual Property Assets.

Farnborough, August 7th, 2014 – QinetiQ’s Data security company Boldon James, a leading provider of Data Classification and Secure Messaging solutions, today announced the launch of Computer Aided Design (CAD) Classifier for AutoCAD, the latest product in its Classifier suite and the first of a new group of classification products integrated within key CAD applications.

It has been designed to protect organisations that hold substantial Intellectual Property (IP) assets in the design documents, diagrams and workflows produced by Computer Aided Design applications. CAD Classifier components will enable users to add visual and metadata labels to documents and ensure information is not shared in error, reducing the risk of confidential data and IP loss.

The development of the CAD Classifier product group was originally initiated by an automotive manufacturing customer who, recognising the significant business risk associated with losing CAD files, had a requirement to classify the design files and documents they were producing and sharing.

Boldon James also worked with the Transglobal Secure Collaboration Program (TSCP), a cooperative forum of leading Aerospace and Defence companies, government agencies and technology members, to ensure the product worked within the common open standards-based frameworks for secure collaboration and assured information sharing between organisations.

CAD Classifier for AutoCAD brings the benefits of data classification to creating and managing design documents, enabling users of Autodesk® AutoCAD® to apply relevant visual and metadata labels to CAD documents and receive guidance on labelling policy, all via the user interface common to all Classifier components. These labels empower users to make informed decisions on how the data is managed, protected and shared.

Supporting a collaborative and robust data classification approach to data security, additional Classifier components within the suite are automatically extended by the deployment of CAD Classifier for AutoCAD. File Classifier, Power Classifier and SharePoint Classifier are able to apply persistent metadata labelling to common CAD file formats including DWG and DXF. Email Classifier will also automatically recognise the labels of CAD files attached to an email and can apply the relevant sharing controls.

“Managing and controlling data and assets in today’s busy working environment continues to be a challenge for many organisations. When this is combined with an increasing collaborative working approach and a multitude of external partners in the supply chain, it’s easy to see how sensitive drawing and design files can be sent in error to the wrong person” said Martin Sugden, Managing Director of Boldon James.

“These errors can occur all too often and the loss of intellectual property could seriously impact a business’ reputation. Classifying information such as design files has been proven to improve data security across an organisation. Data Classification is not just about protecting the information held within emails, SharePoint or Office documents; it needs to extend to all types of sensitive information that is important to a business. There was a demand in the market for a solution that could classify CAD documentation from within the design workflow. For that reason we took the proactive steps to work with our customers to create a solution that would offer a real benefit to their business.”

“It’s great to see this new addition to our security product suite” said Sanjay Razdan, Managing Director, QinetiQ New Technologies “We are proud to continue to deliver a breadth of product coverage and security solutions to meet and exceed our customer expectations.”